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Portable Medical Isolation Stretcher for Patient First Aid

Portable Medical Isolation Stretcher for Patient First Aid

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Product Details

* The chamber negative pressure will be up to -15pa only in 2 minutes after power on

* The "all around" zipper system allows for the chamber to open completely giving easy operator accessibility

* Isolation chamber complete with Batteries for up to 8 hours of continuous use before battery charge required

* Isolation chamber is a fully collapsible unit that requires minimal storage space and is ready for use within seconds

* The chamber liner is made from a special TPU film and strengthened by inserting ABS poles along each side of the structure

* Belt system enables the patient to be fastened while in the chamber or the chamber is securely fastened to a stretcher or bed

* The chamber has ten integrated glove portals on three sides to allow for easy access to the patient and two utility portals used for infusions and other infusions and other medical equipment


* HEPA Filter: 4pcs, 99.999% efficiency for 0.3um particles

* Airflow Rate: 67±10%(m³/h)

* Chamber Noise: < 47dB(A)

* Alarm: Audio and visual alarm for internal pressure insufficient and low power

* Negative Pressure: Up to -15Pa in two minutes after power on

* Standard Accessories: The main chamber, 4pcs disposable HEPA filter, Negative generation system, 20pcs PVC gloves, Battery and charger

* Consumables: HEPA filter, PVC gloves

* Disinfection: Disinfect the isolation chamber for 6 hours with ethylene oxide gas(600mg/L) under the condition of temperature 54℃ and relative humidity 80%

* Optional: Stretcher

* Load-Bearing: Up to 150kg

* Power Supply: AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz; 110V±10%, 60Hz, Battery voltage: DC12V


Isolation stretcher

Unfolded size(L*W*H)


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